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Hidra S.r.l. SB

Hidra srl sb is the first Benefit Company specialized in consulting for sustainable strategic innovation in Friuli Venezia-Giulia.


Hidra srl sb


Established on July 4, 2019 from the spin-off from a pre-existing 20-year experienced Management Consulting company, with transfer of assets into a newco, the company is single-member and led by a single director as well as founder, Francesco Lagonigro, under the ownership of HDR SAS, reporting to him.

Being a Benefit Company means having in its DNA the purpose of common benefit, which is expressed by operating in a responsible, positive, sustainable and transparent way towards people, communities, territories and the environment and all our stakeholders.

All this while simultaneously generating economic value. In our services, in fact, we provide our many years of experience to support our clients in creating the value they seek for their Companies through sustainable strategic choices.

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Hidra srl sb


Hidra srl sb

Best Practices

Over the years we have developed several tools that enable us to accompany our clients on their sustainable development paths. To mention the most important ones:

Ecomate’s con-owner platform for ESG rating.

Sustainable development roadmap integrated and integrable with the EASI model.

We measure environmental impact by calculating Carbon footprint, water footprint, LCA by bringing improvement in the company with Lean- Agile transformation projects, renewable energy, Ecodesign.

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